Hello! I am Lion Lauv and I will be with you from morning to evening. I made my porridge out of pure natural gluten-free ingredients. Every crumb has all the nutrients for proper development. It’ll bring a smile to your kids faces. You can look forward having the two most popular flavors: strawberry-raspberry and chocolate-banana. Which Lion Lauv porridge is your Favorite?

Why Lion Lauv?

Without additives

Always on the search for the best organic ingredients without artificial preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancers. We traveled the world and personally visited many of our suppliers. We picked only the best ones.


We are trying to minimize the negative impact that industry has on the Earth. ”We protect the environment and life.” With a very efficient manufacturing process and ingredients pick with love from trusted BIO farms.


Our goal is to build a traceable supply chain from the raw material to the table. As parents, we feel responsible for being informed about the origin of the products we give to our children

How to prepare Lion Lauv porridge? That’s easy.

Do you want to try Lion lauv?

About Bonitas

Bonitas means literally a combination of taste and beauty. We will only pack what we personally taste. As a worldwide brand, we want to bring high quality food at a reasonable price. Without unnecessary preservatives and other chemicals. Enjoy our products.

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